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Meet the breeder Sweetdoo Sweet Doodles and poos meet the breader


From our Loving Hands to Yours

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Meet the Breeder

Meet the breeder Sweetdoo Sweet Doodles and poos meet the breader


I’m Denise Howell, the loving breeder behind Sweet Doodles and Poos. I began my journey as a postpartum doula, parent educator and newborn care specialist. I am now just as passionate  and dedicated to offering the same level of care and nurturing to my dog mamas and their precious puppies. As a breeder, I refrain from calling breeding a “hobby.” My dogs are family, and their pups are cherished as extended family members. I am eager to support my families during the initial days of pet parenthood and beyond. I am available to offer personalized guidance and education throughout the pups life. 

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Putting the Health of our Breeding Dogs First to Ensure Healthy Puppies

The health of our puppies begins with the nurturing and health care of our breeding dogs.  We have implemented the best practices to create the safest, ethical breeding program. We understand that everything about YOUR puppy’s genetic makeup will be determined by the pairing of the Dam and Sire.  Our Dams and Sires have been carefully paired to produce robust offspring who exhibit the most impeccable traits and temperament. Of course, the early positive socialization we provide is also critical to producing a well adjusted and emotionally stable dog. 

Magical First Moments

Our puppies are not born in a kennel. Dog moms are afforded a serene home environment of which they are accustomed. Each puppy is born into loving hands under a warm heat lamp.    We prioritize the health of the puppies during the neonatal stage. The care they receive during this critical stage can affect their wellbeing throughout the rest of their lives.  All puppies are weighed at birth and their growth charted to ensure positive health outcomes.  Puppies receive regular deworming treatments and first vaccinations at around 7 weeks old. Prior to going home, puppies are thoroughly examined by our experienced veterinarian. Each puppy obtains a Health Certificate after receiving health clearance to include eyes, hips, teeth, cranium, ears, skin, heart, joints, abdomen, lungs,  testicles and a negative stool sample. 

Here We Grow!

From the moment they are born, our puppies are part of a loving household. (And it is our delight to announce the birth of each puppy to their awaiting families!) The puppies are naturally familiarized with the many household sounds and sensations. In addition, they are introduced to the sound and vibration of a dog nail dremel and a dog blow dryer. Equally important, our puppies are accustomed to very quiet and dark evenings. Each puppy is afforded individual time in a crate to aid in the seamless transition to their new household and family. Puppies go home with a gift pack which includes a bag of food, high-calorie nutritional supplement, and a blanket with the mother’s scent.

We ask our families to keep us informed about our cherished pup’s transition during the early days at home. Because the breed is known to become very attached to their family, we assist our families in formulating a plan to teach their puppy confidence and independence. 

Matching Puppies to Families

Our goal is to match our puppies with the best possible home. We watch and interact with each puppy from the time they are born. We get to know each personality as it develops, and we become keenly aware of each pup’s potential. All of our puppies make great family pets due to the selective pairing of our adult dogs and their naturally affectionate and friendly nature. Still, there are slight differences between puppies from the same litter. At times, the use of Volhard’s Puppy Aptitude Testing gives us a better idea about the best match for both the puppy and family.   

We enjoy keeping our families informed! Families receive frequent picture and video updates to include the pup’s first peek at life, first steps and stages of weaning. 

Families are encouraged to visit us after approximately 4 weeks. Health practices are in place to protect the health of our puppies.

The Adoption Process

Prior to finalizing the adoption of one of our puppies, we request a phone meeting. This is a great time for us to become acquainted and begin the puppy match process.  When you are ready to be placed on a waitlist, we request a $100 deposit. This deposit is refundable whenever a litter does not produce a puppy of your choosing (related to gender or smaller than expected litter size). The $100 initial deposit is applied to the final payment. To reserve a specific puppy, we request a 20% deposit. The final payment is due prior to or upon pick-up. All puppy sales are subject to NJ sales tax. 

To inquire about our breeding program or a specific puppy, please enter your name, email, and a message below.  You are also welcome to call us anytime from 8AM to 10:00PM! We look forward to meeting you.

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